The Westhope Group

The Westhope Group was founded in 1989 to bring together lacemakers wishing to take forward traditional lace skills into modern textile art.

Members come together once a year to share knowledge and expertise, obtain an objective assessment of their work and ideas and discuss matters relating to general and specific lacemaking problems.

The Group’s name is taken from Westhope College in Shropshire (UK), where the meetings are held.


Running with Scissors

A small group called Running with Scissors.

All work in different ways having different interests.


Delia Cecil -


Jennie Callomon -


Connected Textile Group


A group of textile artists, Anne Cooke and Angie Hill and guest artist, Lynda Monk, who works mainly with mixed media.

We all have an enthusiasm for all areas of textile art.

The formation of the group came about because of a visit to Coventry Cathedral.


Connected Textile Group